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Copy of How to balance fitness in your everyday lives

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Don’t wait until you have “free time “ to start a fitness program Because then when you get busy again , you’ll stop . The best time to start is actually when you’re busy . Learning how to here’s that word again , BALANCE in when times are tough means you’ll stick with it over the long haul . I too used To battle with finding balance in my fitness life & personal life Until I understood that FIT PEOPLE don’t all have six packs .

yes , we also enjoy an extra piece of pie and skip workouts.being fit isn’t all we think about silly rabbits lol . Fitness for life isn’t a 30 day challenge . We’re training to enjoy life ,not look good for a photo shoot .

physical fitness is more than how look . It also results in ;

- less anxiety

- stronger bones

-sharper cognition

- better quality sleep

- decreased cancer risk

- averaged increase of life .

exercise is a superpower !

people will judge you for having the body they wish they had but never worked for .

“ I’d love to be shredded ….” says almost everyone “ but I’m willing to do the extreme and stay there .” I wish more people understood the extreme costs of getting lean and shredded.

“ he doesn’t eat dessert . His body is a temple” a family member once said at dinner about me due to the fact that i worked out and now I’m seen as the “FIT ONE” in the family and mocked at dinners .

People who exercise eat desserts 😒

the fitness industry can make you feel like you have to be all-or-nothing .it’s filled with extreme challenges , diets , and detoxes but life isn’t a 30-day challenge .it’s long , and there’s seasons .

sure, be extreme some of the time . It’s fun to challenge oneself but it’s also a good thing to enjoy life ! Enjoying life doesn’t mean you have to be unhealthy .quite the opposite .I’d argue that being healthy means you know how to enjoy dessert and your exercise becomes a part of your life . Here comes that word again , BALANCE , and not something that overwhelms it .

do you agree ?

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