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Nutrition ‼️

The best diet is one that is sustainable for your lifestyle .

im 100 % against all the fad diets & meal plans are not sustainable . i remember I followed a “ Eat this “ ,& “Eat That “, it lasted 2 weeks max ‼️

I realized I enjoy eating out & chillin with my friends & family .

following a strict meal plan just wasn’t realistic for me 🤷🏽‍♂️ that’s a reality for most people

it’s not good to restrict yourself of foods that you enjoy .

in fact , you’ll make more progression incorporating foods that you enjoy , rather than restricting yourself .

what YOU struggle with is knowing , how much food your body requires daily in order for you to reach your goals .

you also need to know the amount of nutrients you need to consume daily .

it’s not hard all .

once you understand this concept you will be flat out UNSTOPPABLE .

contact me for “ NUTRITION “ if you’ve been struggling with your goals and I will help you as best I can ‼️

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