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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

IM eating healthy But im not losing weight !

The most common thing i hear is , “ im eating healthy but im not losing weight “ or “I dont eat THAT bad “

to lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit ! Meaning , consuming / eating less calories and burning more calories than you are consuming .

The truth is … many “ health “ foods are nutrient dense .

So eating “ healthy foods “ alone isn’t going to induce fat loss .

Being in a CALORIC DEFICIT IS !!!!

Here are some tips if you’ve been stuck :

1. something that is labeled as “ health food “ is not necessarily great for weight loss . 2.

2 Something that is labeled as “ low fat “ doesn’t mean its calories free and not full of carbs /sugars


sugar free “ doesnt mean calorie free

4. something labeled “ gluten free “ doesn’t mean physique friendly !

anything you consume except water contains calories .

HeaKathy calories are still calories And consuming TOO many will lead to weight gain . It doesn’t matter where the calories come from . THEY ALL COUNT !!!

Portion size is KEY !

That’s why these ZAXBYS salads don’t work !

MEASURE your foods and pack your snacks So you wont make hiccups “ the purpose of nutrition plans is to PLAN AHEAD ! It’s not “ WHAT DO I DO EAT ! “ if you have any confusions I recommend utilizing our services to help learn about nutrition and finding the RIGHT plan for you !

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